Announcing 2 New Books by Dr. Matt!

Willy Bible

Willy Bible
Willy Bible Back

Reviews of Willy Bible

“…a joyful, funny book.”
Wm. Fellows

“Thanks to this bible, my husband finally understands my uterus!”
Rosalind Butterfield

Doreen Smythe

“Honest portraits of how to become a good man.”
Harold Davis

“Spot on!”
J. Heffernan

“A worthy bible, with many poetic passages. Bravo.”
Bea Collins

“I laughed a lot. Please send me another Willy Bible for my teenage son.”
Helen Andersen


scared shipless


Scared Shipless
scared shipless

Reviews of scared shipless

“This is a must read for those yearning to understand life with trauma and how to build resiliency.”
S. Casey

“I think it very intelligent, and I really connected with it.”
A. Margarita

“It’s very clever and very helpful.”
L. Bachelder

“…it was an awesome read. I thoroughly enjoyed your playful take on what no doubt is a very serious issue. It was entertaining, insightful and a most ingenious way of transmitting valuable information. It was the book I didn’t know I needed.”
G. Daley